Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google Adsense Support Bails in Mid-sentence

File this one under my lifetime of bad customer service karma. I think there's a whole book of stories that I could write about Blue Shield, DirecTV, Bank of America, San Diego Water & Sewer, Prinicipal Financial, Yahoo!... it would go on and on and on about how I get the big finger when it comes to things that aren't even my fault.

It goes a lil' somethin' like this, hit it...

My blog (yes, the one you are reading) has been around for awhile. The Adsense publisher ID that was originally created for it has expired because there was a long period of inactivity a few years ago. Apparently you can't renew an existing, expired ID. I couldn't create a new ID on the Google Account that I normally use because it is tied to a client's Adwords account. So, the Adsense team told me to create a new ID. No prob, new ID created.

Now, all I have to do is replace the old publisher ID on the blog with the new one. Simple, right? NOT!
  1. I'd deleted the earlier support email, so I couldn't follow up on that ticket number
  2. I couldn't relocate the area on the support site that allowed you to submit an email.
  3. Nor could I find the answer to my question.
  4. I used Google to find the support email address in a third-party forum.
  5. Google automatically replies and says to use the help section and support forum.
  6. I reply and say that I've already been there and nothing helps me.
  7. They reply and say that I need to create a new publisher ID (which I've already done).
  8. I reply and say, "Have you even read my support inquiry? Stop lowering your queue response times and please re-read about my problem."
  9. They reply and say that I just need to remove the existing ad code and replace it with the new ad code.
  10. Sounds easy enough, except that everytime I try to change my publisher ID nothing happens. So, I reply to them giving the specific issue, step-by-step, that I'm experiencing.
  11. Their reply, "Due to the high volumes of emails we receive, we're unable to individually respond to your inquiry. Please find instant, reliable answers to all your questions in our online help resources."

This conversation has been going on for over a month and they are just going to bail on me like that with one of your templated answers?


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