Monday, September 08, 2008

TailDating at the CHIEFS game this weekend!

Two summers ago, I had a pocket full of dough and wanted to fulfill the lifelong dream of seeing a ballgame in every MLB stadium. I was gonna rent an RV and start checking those ballparks off the list. Most of those that I hadn't seen were on the east coast... which is nice since you only drive a couple of hours from one city to the next. The exception stadiums, of course, are where teams like the Bluejays, Marlins and Astros play... kinda out there and isolated.

I didn't want to just leave it at that, though. I decided that I'd video blog the entire trip. When I pulled into town I'd have two tickets to a game and I'd have to find a date. The hope was that we'd turn it into a fun exercise, maybe even a little parking lot competition to meet interesting women. Why? Well, 'cause ya just never know when you'll find the right one, do ya?

I'm not saying that I think I'd find my true love in a parking lot or even on TV (see "The Bachelor" story), but I'm sure you could meet some fun people!

What happened? I decided to follow a good friend into politics for a little while.

So, here I am in Kansas City dating my ass off... something like 5 different girls on 5 dates in 5 weeks and I've met some very interesting, cute, intelligent ladies, but you know the drill. The ones I like don't like me and I don't like the ones that like me. That's way over-simplified, but you get my drift, I'm sure. I must say, however, that I really did enjoy my time out last weekend at O'Dowds and Tom's... good conversation with someone!

And, I have two amazing 3rd row, visitor-side tickets to the HOME OF THE CHIEFS vs. the despised RAIDERS this weekend... maybe it's time to have a little fun with this sports-dating thing, eh?

How to help me find a taildate:
  1. Here is an image and some pictures from my profile. View now!
  2. Send an email to this address if you want to apply or recommend someone for the weekend tailgate and date.
  3. Tell your friends about my quest to find a date this weekend! You never know who might know someone that knows someone that knows someone that might click!
  4. Stay tuned to this blog via the blog feed for updates.
Thank you!

Read the Monday night update about our first few entries!


Anonymous said...

I was going to look at the dictionary for the definition of desperate, but I chanced upon your blog instead. Good luck with that.

Robert Zamees said...

LOL! Whomever left the previous anonymous comment is a real wet blanket, I'd say. Please... we're having a little fun here! Got over your hang over already.

Unknown said...

...Tad Hamilton-ish much? I can see where "anonymous" might read desperate in this post. However, as someone who's know BBB for a *long* time I know he's a good guy and suspect he's just trying to change up the usual dating scence.

Robert Zamees said...

Thanks, Stacy! Anonymous is just that, Anonymous, and if Anonymous would like to spend their days eating urine-flavored Cheerios, then that's their own problem. Besides, I think that "desperation" would be defined by not having been out on ANY dates and trying to use a sporting event as bait... that's clearly not the case here. Just trying to have some fun with the whole dating scene here in KC!

kcmeesha said...

I bet you can find a male date in a heartbeat.

Robert Zamees said...

So many comedians, so little time...

Robert Zamees said...

Added some KC Blog links to the right sidebar... note TONY's KC because he got back to me and will be reciprocal linking.

Also, got an email from the sister of a friend about a TailDate... see, this networking stuff works. ;)

Robert Zamees said...
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Anonymous said...'s great to meet people that are not afraid to be who they are & have fun while doing it! Your story, and quest for a date to the chiefs game was brought to my attention by my lil' Sis. It made me smile :)I just had to stop by and say "Hello" - You have a great smile! Keep it real!

Robert Zamees said...


Anonymous said...

so how did you find and select this wonderful woman that showed up late and obviously won't be getting a second date...did i miss a blog or something that told us how she was the "one" for this experiment?

Robert Zamees said...

That's a good question... no, you didn't miss an entry. Without telling the horror stories about some of the applications, so to speak, that I got, I simply asked a girl that I'd been out with earlier in the week that I'd had fun with.