Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OK, back to the beatings...

I'm not one for negative campaigns ads, but I'm posting this one as an example of how an organization can successfully use video to achieve their goals (repost from The Agitators).

DISCLAIMER: I'm always hesitant to believe what I see because I'm too much of a relativist... there may have been reasons (or earmarks) to support action or inaction. First, watch the video:

The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has done well to tell their story:

  1. GET ATTENTION: The headline does a good job of that, "Put Palin's Awful Wolf-Killing Record on Television."
  2. STIMULATE EMOTION: The word "killing" always draws emotion. Killing animals even draws more ire. Their word selection is excellent: gunning, brutal, needless, indisputable.
  3. REINFORCE WITH REASON: They use bullets (pun intended) to cover exactly why this is necessary. The bullets (pun intended) are the logical alibi for the emotional reaction that they've already created within the viewer. The bullets also reiterate what is said in the video.
  4. CALL TO ACTION: It's simple and you can do it NOW. Now is always important and you'd be amazed at how many entities forget to ask for what they want. In this case, donate NOW!
At the time of this writing, I think they'd raised more than $600,000 even though their goal was $100,000. Now that's good use of marketing!

If you'd like to see the appeal, please visit the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund page.

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