Monday, October 20, 2008

Need a Lift?

"LIFT" is the keyword from the weekend. If you ask me to lift something today, I'll probably look at you sideways and not move a muscle.
  1. FRIDAY: LIFTed a few beers to my mouth as we spent time with good friends at the lake.
  2. SATURDAY1: LIFTed 4 ricks (2 cords) of wood from the ground to the trailer.
  3. SATURDAY2: LIFTed the foot off the accelerator after a driver lost control, spun across the opposite lane, snapped a telephone pole and started a grass fire when the electrical wires kissed the ground.
  4. SATURDAY3: LIFTed 4 ricks (2 cords) of wood from the trailer to the pile on the back-forty.
  5. SATURDAY4: LIFTed a few beers to my mouth.
  6. SATURDAY5: LIFTed all my crap into the 20' trailer in preparation for the move into the condo on Sunday.
  7. SATURDAY6: LIFTed myself from the hot tub, made a brief stint in front of an ugly MU performance and went to bed.
  8. SUNDAY1: LIFTed all of my crap from the trailer up 4 flights (via dollies and an elevator... which made it the easiest move ever) to the new condo.
  9. SUNDAY2: LIFTed spirits as I realized more over the day that I finally have my own home again... and the "largest sectional couch ever created" has, for the first time, all of its pieces in the same room at the same time. It felt like too much couch, but it's starting to grow on me.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your spirits are LIFTed. The couch sounds wonderful. Look at you all growed up again with your own place. No red wine puke stain on the stairs. Life sounds good. Be good, and come back soon. Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

can I interpret this as a new
S. King novel ?

It involves an evergrowing couch that begins by "growing ON you" and eventually absorbs you.

Oh, he already has !

Robert Zamees said...

You must read the same stuff that I do.