Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The World Says, "GOBAMA!"

"Not only did the world follow this election as if it were their own, but a majority would have voted for Obama if given the chance. A CTV/Global and Mail poll showed that Canadians preferred Obama over their own prime minister, Stephan Harper ( 6.29.08). In France, Obama would have trounced McCain 9:1 (Independent 11.5.08)."

"Iconoculture Cultural Fluents report that their countries are not only enthusiastic and a little envious, but also relieved that this superpower elected someone they feel the world can work with. They pepper their comments with phrases like "a more caring form of capitalism," "better and fresher America" and "president the world was waiting for." They are also amazed that America voted for a member of the minority, which they can't imagine happening yet for, say, Uighurs in China, les Berbères in France or black youth in the U.K."

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