Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not a Foodie, but Fills Up on Nicknames

I was sitting here thinking about writing (yeah, instead of writing) and made an odd realization.

I have a tendency to use food-related nicknames for the girls that I date.

(Yeah, I also had that dirty thought about eating cross my mind, but I'm choosing to leave it unsaid.)

Claire (don't cringe, this is the name we seldom say out loud) was "Cheaz" due to a combo of first initial and last name.

Katie was "KatiePie" because it was a play off the pet name "Cutie Pie."

Molly was "MollyPop" because it was a play off the word "Lollipop."

I'll have to dig deeper to see if any others have had this type of moniker. These three were the most obvious ones that entered my mind.

I'm "Soupy" due to the first letter (B) + my last name (Roth) = Broth, so I suppose it all makes sense.



Kelly Taylor said...

I call my kids "sugar" and "sweetie pie" and my husband "honey". I guess all those diets I am always on leave me sugar deprived.

Robert Zamees said...

There may be more to that than we think! Why don't you try calling those dear to you Banana, Green Bean and Walnut for awhile and see what happens.