Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lunch & Perspective

I bought lunch for a veteran today. It wasn't any old veteran, it was my uncle and godfather. So, he didn't serve in any old war, he served in 'Nam.

I know that Thanksgiving was a week ago, but there are so many things to be thankful for. Thank goodness I:
  • Never had to cook using slivers of C4.
  • Never had to lie to my Mom about going back for another tour.
  • Never had to steal an AK-47 because my new M-14 sucked ass.
  • Never carried a deceased friend for 3 days back to camp.
  • Never had to force anyone out of a village and then torch it.
  • Never had to fight with the VA after fighting against Charlie.
Raise your glass. Hear. Hear. Semper Fi = Always Faithful.


Anonymous said...

Here, Here,

to Brother Bill !!

Michael J.

Brian said...

Here. Here. To your uncle.

Color [Me] Happy said...

I also ways just consider my thanks as [gratitudes]!