Thursday, December 04, 2008

40 Pages Out the Door, A Review

Me: Bob is nervously awaiting a review from the critic who got to take home the first 40 pages of the book last night.

Critic: I read it last night...couldn't put it down. I'm going to read it again today.

Me: Really? Is that bad like you didn't know what the hell I was talking about and need to read it again or good like you liked it so much you wanted to read it twice?

Critic: I honestly... sincerely thought it was amazing.

Me: I'm blushing.

Critic: Any girl that reads this is going to fall in love with you. I'm actually a little intimidated by you at the moment.

Me: You are too sweet.

Critic: I definitely see the therapeutic nature of this exercise, but I think it has mass application to a greater audience.

Me: Was never the point, but could be part of the dream. Seriously, thank you... I'm very re-energized by your comments... I'm really putting myself into this book, heart and soul both in the energy it takes to write and the opening up of my life stories.

Critic: It's really good. I'm impressed. Your writing style is very approachable and real.


Brian said...

In all the three times I've met you, I never knew you were writing a book - I must be a poor listener! This is great cause for celebrating you! I'll be checking back, listening.

Robert Zamees said...

I look forward to making it more public!