Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent: Not the Religion; The Challenge!

For "Lent: The Challenge 2009," I've decided to let my readers dare me to give up certain things. Thank you for your feedback (though the things that you've sent are kind of boring), but here is the list for things to be sacrificed during "LENT: The Challenge 2009:"
  • Facebook (uh oh).
  • Wine (double uh oh).
  • Tequila (drat).
  • Anything to be found on the cracker aisle at the store (that's a lotta carbs).
  • Anything to be found on the 'tato chips aisle at the store (minus the smartwater).
There is one exception for Facebook; I'm allowed to do testing on the FB app that I'm building with a friend.



-Jen- said...

I heard an interesting about multi-tasking?

Robert Zamees said...

That would be tough... how about not talking or texting on the cell phone while driving!