Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life Minus Facebook: Day 1

815 A.M.:
I woke up this morning, a bit overcast, but the sun is trying to peek through. It's almost an orangy morning as if the haze between us and that great bulb in the sky is being filtered through the remnants of a forest fire.

There's no haste in my actions, for I put back a bottle of wine and watched a few movies for Mardi Gras. Teeth? Brushed, though I nearly gagged on the toothbrush. Bladder? Empty, damn that toilet needs to be cleaned. Fireplace switch? On.

I brushed the beer cans away from the laptop so I could open it... click, whir, buzz... the MacBook connects to the network and I begin my routine of checking Facebook, Twitter and email.

OH SHIT! Where's the fucking Facebook tab in Firefox that I ALWAYS have open?

Oh shit, I gave up Facebook for Lent.

Instead of giving in after a few hours of sacrifice, I run my hands through my hair, yanking out a few, and decide to perform other offline morning duties.

1 comment:

Charity Sherwood said...

Ummm, I'm not gonna ask for clarification of those offline duties.

Sorry, the grow your thang longer spamagrams have tainted my thoughts. By duties you meant washing out the sink from waxing bulimic on your toothbrush and cleaning that nasty toilet, didn't you? Maybe recycling the beer cans? Now I'm with ya.