Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life - Facebook = Google Reader

I finally, yes finally, converted all my RSS feeds over to Google Reader instead of having them strewn about Thunderbird, My Yahoo!, Blogger and wherever the heck else they were hiding.

THANK YOU LENT CHALLENGE 2009! You've given me the time to improve life by dropping Facebook for 40 days! WOOT!

PS: I was also dared to give up wine, tequila, chips and crackers... so far, so good.


Anonymous said...

while you are in Autumn, might I suggest that a way for you to maintain some mental balance would be through keeping updated with the current UEFA Cup and Champions match-ups. The best European soccer clubs in some very interesting knock-out stages.


Robert Zamees said...

LOL... nice reference to the name for my closet... hard to keep track without TV service!

Charity Sherwood said...

Ok, I retracted the dare and told you NOT to give up the vino. You don't listen worth a darn do you, dammit?

You've truly pissed off the gods now brother. If you're huddling in that closet sucking on a bottle of Heaven Hill vodka or rum, I'm gonna need to call in an intervention. Don't make do that. That visual will scar me for life.