Friday, March 27, 2009

Three Days Until I Meet Someone New

Three days tick tock
Two if we go by your clock
Choices still to be made
Ensuring memories won’t fade
Like, “What the heck to wear
For my first time there?”

A storm is brewing
Though not of our doing
But I’ll make sure to arrive
Even leave early and drive
If it becomes a must
The weekend won’t be a bust

Nerves exist, I admit
I’ll try not to be a nitwit
Fear not, I’m mostly at ease
‘Cause you’re the bees knees
And, after the bubbling initial first sight
We’ll relax to have a great night

There’ll be food, drink and chat
You, me and maybe a cat
A dream of dreams
Smiling about many things
Yet, three days still to pend
For a night that I won’t want to end

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