Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two Days Until I Meet Someone New

With two days to go
I drove to Chicago
The plan was the train
But freezing rain
Forced my hand
To leave earlier than planned

I didn’t want to miss
An evening of bliss
In the company of another
Friend and possible lover
No canceled train
Would keep me from Jane

A nine-hour trek
Trying not to wreck
Texting her the entire way
Without announcing an early arrival day
Until I crossed the river
And admitted that I missed her

Missed her? Huh. We hadn’t yet met
But in life, often that’s what you get
Go with the feeling and flow
Or miss out ‘cause you didn’t know
No way. Not on this occasion
Heart’s confident persuasion

So, here we are
More near than far
To our very first meeting
Drinks, food and greeting
And I’m nervous as heck
My emotions far from check

No train, plain or rain
To keep me from sweet, sweet Jane

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heidi said...

sounds exciting but need more details please