Monday, March 30, 2009

The Day I Met Someone New

Our day has come
Your gift, my sun
But earlier than planned
When I accepted your demand
To meet on that very night
Address our nerves and fright

You rang and I ran to the door
From never met to suddenly adore
We laughed and sat near
Body language so dear
Waiting for a time
When your ear would be mine

I met the nose that the summer sun kissed
Just like it, I couldn’t resist
To put my lips in a place
Above your eyes and on your face
And when you joked it a sin
I just did it again

Could it really be true
That I’m so much like you
And would everyone else see
That you’re just like me
If it’s as simple as this
It’ll be sealed with a kiss

After we danced in the street
On the night of our meet
Despite the cold
We’d never get old
You got in a miraculous cab
Ending a time so wonderfully fab

And for the rest of my night
Warm from your sight
All snuggly in bed
Where you twirled in my head
We texted about a thing
Only Cupid could bring

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