Friday, April 24, 2009

Help Me Solve This Week's Misery...

I don't know where I've been this week. I've had trouble falling asleep. I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time and then I'm up for a glass of water or to close the windows on an unanticipated storm. And when I wake, it's a slow-to-come clarity that is laden with eye-rubbing. The day's best intentions have been subject to distractions and, once off course, getting back on track has been impossible. I've been forgetful... like when I went to the coffee shop and forgot my power cord... like when I forget to attend a function on Monday night... like when I booked travel not realizing that it was over a holiday. Naps. Yesterday, I took TWO naps. My exercise has been on a sub-par level the past few weeks, meaning it's been tough to get through that first mile. Headaches galore.

What gives?

No. 1: The twins on tricycles have finally gotten into my condo. I accidentally left the door unlocked the other night. redruM. I'm quite sure that slipped in and hid in the books of horror books in the closet; the closet that I don't ever enter anymore because each time I go in there everything has been moved around. redruM. When the developer asked me to tour the property the other day, I found their tricycles abandoned in the empty condo next door. I think the girls stand over my resting body at night, telephathically argueing over how best to end me.

No. 2: "She's gone, Oh I. Oh, I'd better learn how to face it. She's gone, Oh I. Oh, I'd pay the devil to replace her. She's gone. What went wrong?" No no no, don't read into this... I've just had this Hall & Oates song stuck in my head. It'd keep you awake, too, ya?

No. 3: There's not enough alcohol in my blood. Detox? After two weeks in Chicago and then last week in KC (what the hell was that last week?) where it seemed every night was something, somewhere, somehow, surreal.

Oh, I just figured it out while writing this...

No. 4: This week has been punishment because @tessk refused to spin The Wheel of Destiny.


What do YOU think?

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Unknown said...

Clearly it means it's time to get off your ass - literally &/or figuratively. Run, write or both - even a little at a time - and you'll clear your head.