Sunday, April 05, 2009

Objective Observer. Passive Participant.

We all do it; we sit there watching a movie or the television and we scream at the woman to watch where she's running so she won't trip and get decapitated by the evil bad guy... we yell at the man to turn around and tell the woman of his dreams how he really feels because she's there waiting for him to declare his love.

We know what to do when we're the objective observer. Why do we so often miss the right thing to do when we have to do it ourselves?

I know, there's a whole industry dedicated to this: objective observers telling us what to do with our lives. I'm going to start a competitive product, the "Step Outside of Yourself Pill." It'll be a marketing sensation, the killer app (pill), and we'll make a bankload of dough because everything in life will suddenly become totally obvious. In fact, we'll ship it with a bag of microwave popcorn and a small soda so you can feel like you're watching your own movie--the movie of your life.

Jump out. Jump back in. Live life to win.

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