Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Right In Write

The 4th draft of my 1st book has been lengthy. I guess, when you consider that it's a complete rewrite of, at least, the first half of the book, then you'll begin to understand why it's taking me so long to finish it.

On March 25, 2009, we hit the one-year anniversary of the day that I started writing it. I haven't been at it full-time, but definitely got serious about it starting last November until I started looking for income in the beginning of 2009. With each day, IMHO, it gets so much better. It's the first thing in my life that I don't mind doing over 'cause I got it wrong the first time.

There is a feeling that I am supposed to write; it's my calling and nothing else seems to be working out or feeling right unless I write.

I've come up with the name of the 3-book series and the name of each book. Plus, the content and time line of each get more detailed each week. We're only on book one, so I guess I need to get choppin.' I find that I'm writing something everyday: something about the past OR something about the present when the past just won't come back OR something just completely wacky from my dreams or from the dark... must be the influence of all the King & Koontz that I've read over the years. Indeed.

So, all these things will come out someday in a book or a column or a blog post or any other number of places... just keep writing, right?

Write on!

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