Thursday, April 02, 2009


CHICAGO, my favorite city in the entire country. Yeah, I can hear everyone whining about the cold, but d-e-a-l. There's only been one time in my life when I raised the white flag in this town and that was shortly after my DIGITAL camera (i.e., one with no moving parts) FROZE. Indeed, it was a battery thing.

My tribute to this Chicago trip:
  • C is for nothing other than COOL.
  • H is for HELLS YA, which I was told I said way too early this morning.
  • I is for ID (both my happy id and my I.D.; it gets checked, I feel young).
  • C is for CITY, urban is me.
  • A is for AMAZING, yes she is.
  • G is for GIRL, see "A" above.
  • O is for OH, it's time for beer.

[sheesh, this may be the most lame post i've ever written]

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