Friday, July 24, 2009

Progress on the Best Buy Contest

Pleased to announce that Best Buy is talking about the contest they put out into the world to crowd-source a job description for an Emerging Media Manager. My winning entry is a humorous slant on the industry itself with a tinge of questioning whether you can actually be an expert in an emergent industry...

Barry Judge, CMO of Best Buy, on the winning Emerging Media job description written by Bob Roth:
"Bob Roth was officially the top vote getter as of the time voting was officially closed last Thursday. He was the winner with 18 votes at the time. Also worth mentioning is that last week, according to our analytics, Bob’s idea had the most views of any idea on IdeaX."

"Kudos to Bob for getting the most votes and most views! Thanks also for your idea, the time you spent crafting it, and your overall interest and participation and promotion of the crowd-sourcing experiment."
The job description I wrote can be read here.

I'll be on the lookout for this job posting, to apply, of course. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a creative mind, writer and marketing machine, shout out and let me know!

My resume can be found on LinkedIn.