Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Lil' Things (and others)...

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I've read too many books to recall which one... oh wait... I remember who always talks about the little things making a difference, Andy Sernovitz (good reads whether you're a marketer or not). In my recent travels, I've noticed several small things that make a difference...
  • At Nike's World Headquarters, there are no trash cans in offices. An employee has to trek to the break room, where recycling options present themselves.
  • At the Salty Dog Cafe in Brookings, OR, the owners have left cards on the tables thanking you for your patronage (too bad they weren't hand-written or signed).
  • My cab driver in Beaverton who got out and opened up the passenger front door inviting me into his space as equals instead of as my chauffeur, then proceeded to give me a history of Portland on our drive.
  • Giving a book to a friend and getting two in return.
  • Knowing the names of the homeless people near your business and greeting them when seen.
  • Offices with an office dog.
And, a few other things that made a difference (but in a bad way)...
  • Hotels that force you to pay for wifi when there are four coffee shops within a block that offer it for free.
  • Stark and sterile-looking restaurants that feel more like hospitals than eateries... prompting me to realize that my necessity to eat is unrelated to the proximity of your food.
  • Indifference when you arrive at your destination. Any traveler that rolls into accommodations early in the morning might have been traveling all night, a little "happy to see you" can go a long way.
What little things do you often notice?
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