Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The "Being IN LOVE" Fan Club

Hey hey hey... good morning my favorite peeps and tweeps! I've a lot of work to do this morning, but I've been trying to do the morning writing thing, either with a blog post or with something offline (like this big ol' book I always refer to) because it helps to wake up my brain.

But this morning, I want to tell you about the Facebook FanBox that I added to this blog (see it, over to the right, down, down, there, yes, there!). I started this fan page on for "Being IN LOVE" many moons ago simply to see what the functionality was like (you know, I do that marketing thing in my other life) and when I came back a few months later, there were THOUSANDS of fans!

Well, I've decided that I should start to participate more on the fan page and we've already had some great conversations there.

7920 fans are already there, so come be a fan of BEING IN LOVE.

I look forward to seeing you as a fan and to your participation in the club!

Much love!