Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Blue Sky...

Dear Blue Sky,

Goodbye blue skyImage by [xinita] is the cobrasnake's pathetic copycat via Flickr

I looked at you when someone else was looking at you today. The significance was more than you know... wait, of course you know, you are the sky. I've always said that you are one of my favorite things because you encompass my favorite color and my favorite color represents things that make me think.

How's that for a pie-in-the-sky argument?

Blue. It's been a few days since we've seen you. I love weather, that's for sure, but I smile at your return and the expanding energy that you provide to me and to the world. I can stare at you for hours, wonder how many miles I'm actually able to see. Is that patch of sky on the horizon Atchison or Oz?

There's no place like home, and when I'm beneath you, then I am home. You let me look at you and never judge, nor chide me for my excessive adoration. You just let me get lost in your expansiveness and neck-deep in my own thoughts.

I like things that make me contemplative: Blue Sky, Ocean Blue, Blue Sorrow, Blue Denim... blue bird, simple and free, nothing but blue sky, do I see... I love your family of Blue. You are my Black, fer sure.

And, I will always be true to you, my Blue. True Blue. How about you?