Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

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I'm glad that we've found my book to bond over. It's a combination of my life and the crazy that I inherited from you. I've always said that you're the most creative person that I've ever known and always wanted to find a way to help you apply it. As you might recall, I sent you something that I wrote years ago as an invitation to toss it back and forth over the fence; a cumulative creation from two. Yet, I never got anything back.

Did you know that you weren't supposed to respond back then?

What I've written over the past 17 months actually has its genesis in what I sent you many years ago. I think you knew that something greater was coming. And now, we have this... 150,000 words about a man's journey to find true love... a merging of the real and the metaphysical, the drama and the dream, a puzzle with purpose... Soupy and his Promise.

True love.

Paulo Coelho has written a manual for my life, Warrior of the Light. And, with all due respect to his great belief in religion and love, he almost got it right. A bold statement, I know. But as time continues, so will I continue to walk down my Path, sometimes being bounced back into play like a pinball and other times taking direct steps toward my true calling. My book is only the beginning of the world that I'm discovering. Yes discovering, not creating.

Since we last had an editing session, so much has changed. That was a completely different draft, a different story, more like a journal than what we have now--a world that the characters live in that has history and rules and dark and light... and future.

I do not know if the world around us will accept what I've written. I didn't start with the intent that they needed to. I wrote for myself, but what I've written is getting praise. I want my story to be read and told and I hope that it generates conversation, two sides of a coin, a deluge of opinion about what I meant and all of the layers that haven't been written, but are there to be discovered because they exist underneath the surface of one night's simple conversation with one man's true love.

Thank you.

Your son,