Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Tea in My Cup...

Dear Tea in My Cup,

Tea pot found in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Photo taken...Image via Wikipedia

I don't need you everyday, but you've become a part of my day. Our time together is always short, for some reason you grow cold towards me; you are truly a picture of the concept of being in the "now." And by that I mean, when we're together it reminds me to focus on you, not on my phone, not on email, not on someone else... wait, strike that last item... I know how much you love to listen in on conversations that I have when we're together with someone else. *wink*

I also love the fact that, even when you do grow cold, you stay by my side. I enjoy your company so much that you've become a habit, so I'll touch you and bring you to my lips having forgotten that you're already off into hibernation; your energy output with heat and water as catalysts must be incredibly tiring. Just know that I don't mind you sleeping next to me. And I never cringe when you've gone cold, heck, there are even times when I go to get more hot water so that I can wake you up again. Please accept my apology because I often do that, but then I don't drink from you as much (please realize that I don't caffeinate often and a double dose makes me bounce off of the walls. You don't want me to be crazy, do you?).

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I always enjoy our time together.

Thank you for always being there for me (or just a few steps away at the nearest cafe). I look forward to many moments, hot and cold, in the future. We have much writing and talking and theorizing to do in our future.


PS: Don't fret when the server mixes coffee with you. That little dash of milk that we both love (that we learned to use after burning my mouth a billion times in Europe) makes you look like coffee and we both know how U.S. Americans love their gallon of burnt coffee loaded with cream and sugar to mask the fact that it tastes like crap. In those cases, you and me, we'll just start over again from the beginning. Deal?
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