Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Dust on My Floor...

Dear Dust on My Floor,

Where did you come from? I just vacuumed and swept the condo yesterday! I suppose, however, that I've had all the windows open and it's been windy and you could have originated from someplace other than my couch, my rug or my skin.

If so, I didn't give you permission to enter my home, could you please identify yourself?

I once heard a story about the difference between shopkeepers in the US and those in European countries. In the morning, a European shop owner starts at the curb outside the front of his shop and sweeps all the trash into his shop, towards the back and then puts it into the wastebasket. This shopkeeper is creating a clean environment not just for his customers, but for all of his potential customers. Whereas, the US shopkeeper starts a sweep from the back of the shop and brushes it all outside onto the sidewalk or into the gutter.

I wonder if my neighbors are American shopkeepers. Hmmm.

Anyhow, Dust on My Floor, you can stay for the night, but you're going to get swept up in the morning because someone is supposed to come look at my place as a potential rental. Prepare yourself for a new home.