Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Reality of Purposelessness?

I'm in a mood, more like a gear, unfortunately that gear is neutral, which is slightly better than reverse. My patience is a bit thin. I'm a little more susceptible to the ridiculous nature of things that people do and wear, and say, to the point of shaking my head at them, screaming for them to evolve beyond what's considered "cool," or what everyone else is doing.

[Germany Schaefer, Washington AL (baseball)] (LOC)Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

In this state I came to a realization--

People use things, not as they were designed, but with no other purpose in mind.

A ball cap, created as a way to keep the sun (or the rain) out of your eyes, now gets twisted to the side, accomplishing neither. Pants don't cover undergarments anymore. Shoelaces don't tie. Language past, present, and future tenses are getting so misused that I'm beginning to wonder how many years of abuse form a new reality.

I'm all for the creativity of using things in new ways, to a new purpose, but I miss the point of using things in a different way, with no intended purpose.

Are we entering a new reality of purposelessness?