Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everything Dances

Valentine dance, schoolImage by The Library of Virginia via Flickr

Before we danced around the room,
We danced in each other’s eyes
And saw our future.
Before our bare feet
Swept stoicism from the floor,
We wordlessly bared our souls
To witness.
A flower in her to hair
To match
The flower in my hair.
It was impossible to glance
Without upturned lips.
A wild abandon of color
Abolished tradition
For a celebration of the spirit.
We all danced—
Everything danced—
It was a moment in time.
As the last moment
We ever stood still,
And the first moment
We shared together—
Hands clasped
As one.

Before standing in front of all
We sat together en masse.
To each their story
No longer inside
A memory or a song
Poetic with serenade.
The sounds of I.
The sounds of You.
The night before we became
You and I.

When it was time
For your declaration,
A tiny part of you
Said, “I do,” too.
With a smile
Unfit to fit
A most bashful
But picturesque face.
The one that waited
As patiently as impatience could endure
Then led us by hand
To the candleless cake.
With one in my pocket,
For just such a occasion,
We shared a common wish,
And vowed to live its truth.

We cut the cake.
We cut the rug.
The future became the now.
And we danced—
Sock-footed, bare-footed, and alive—
For the rest of our lives.

I went to bed after watching the tense, but beautiful Rachel Getting Married, and it was from bed that I saw a vision of the future that prompted this poem. Enjoy.