Friday, January 22, 2010

Rockfish Day #0

Yeah man, this is my kinda place. Reminds me of the breakneck pace of all the technology start-ups that I've worked for; same pros and same cons. On one hand, a high-energy team of motivated, dedicated, family-like individuals working and playing hard, and on the other hand, a great volume of opportunity, which presents resource decisions and demands a willy-nilly environment of decision-making on the fly... I wouldn't have it any other way, neither would the Rockstars at Rockfish Interactive.

I was fortunate to be present for the All-Staff meeting today, where the leadership team did a fine job of kicking off 2010 goals, delineated down to actual, measurable tasks (Dr. Rapaille would be proud!). I could see the passion on each and every face that sat listening, eager to start contributing to the organization's goals in their own ways, and cognizant of the bright future that they have in front of them.

We discussed my joining the team to help them tell fish stories... real ones... true ones... that are real BIG ones because they are doing such tremendous work and getting fantastic recognition for it!

I like what I saw and the conversations I had. Ay yup. Dusting off my rod and reel...