Sunday, February 07, 2010

Life in Ghostly White Knuckles

Life in ghostly white knuckles
Hold tightly to ward away fear
Grasp firmly to joy that pends
Been to the Fair
But each ride is like the first
Wide eyes speak over nervous mouth
Distant memory of an unknown future
Ideally, patience yields trust
But broken rules make news
Shake away looming demons
Giggling can never be denied
Quench the thirst for adventure
Worn linchpins and duct tape
Hold together a ride that is supposed to last forever
But often ends just as abruptly as it began
Tickets stuffed in pocket
The carnie steps back for safety
As the contraption whirls to life
And love is born again

[I wrote this poem after a comment that I made on a Facebook profile--a raw poem, really--of the ride that I saw behind the eyes of a beautiful woman holding a coffee mug. First one that I've written with my new poetry rules.]