Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whud I'm Givin' Up*

give upImage by abradyb via Flickr

Last year I gave up some crazy stuff: chips , crackers (staple), Facebook (which lasted about 2 weeks because I met a cute girl, but that's all we're gonna say about her), and WINE (that was a rough one). The crackers, chips, and wine are all normal parts of my life, so putting them aside for 40+ days was kinda rough. I kept the crackers and chips out of the house, but the wine sat in the wine fridge calling my name EVERY DAY. Fortunately, I also like me some dark rum and OJ... a vitamin-packed substitute, uh huh.

This year I must admit, the giving-up season tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Wassup? Whud you givin' up, Bobbis?" And I replied, "DAYAM, you here already?"

So, I'm definitely giving up chips and crackers again because I've been leaning on them FAR TOO MUCH as I live in a hotel room with a tiny kitchenette. I haven't been drinking much of anything, so the wine can stay. I should probably give up some things that I've been holding onto for many, many years, too... but I'm gonna keep those to myself... the what they are part and the whether I'm giving them up part.

[*I give stuff up, not because I'm religious, but because I often need to re-center myself on a healthier lifestyle, or I want to appreciate the things that I enjoy on a regular basis by remembering what it is like to crave them, not just have them at my fingertips. I guess you can say that I'm re-earning them.]
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