Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building the Perfect Airplane

X24B lifting body, specialized gliderImage via Wikipedia

Prior to the start of a meeting the other day at Rockfish Interactive, I was asked to team up with a good friend and peer to describe what we'd call "The Perfect Airplane."

Our conversation started with a personal bubble: private, expandable to suit your travel-mates, floats to the destination, but then she wanted to be entertained. So, I asked...

Would you rather travel with your living room or your bedroom?

Hmmm. "Bedroom," she said. And, when I asked why, she spoke of the comfort, being able to rest, and that she had books and a television in her bedroom. We decided that most beds are large enough to fit your kids--as if you were all packing in to watch a movie--but she stated that there was something missing. "Room Service," she added, and I agreed.

So, our description of the perfect airplane was simply, "My bedroom with wings... and room service." (Call Sir Richard, I have an idea for him.)

In the end, we wondered if we really want to be awake while traveling... hmmm... just pump something into the cabin air and get us there.
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