Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Love!

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I made a mistake while closing a letter the other day, I wrote "Good love!" instead of "Good luck!" Before I hit the backspace button to change it, I realized that it was probably more appropriate than I might have initially realized.

Something is broken in the way that we try to find love, which has been passed down over a few generations to our children. It's obvious that something is broken because over half of marriages in America end in divorce.

Instead of this trial-and-error, learn-by-doing mentality that seems to be more pervasive each day (i.e., "Time to get that first marriage under your belt, Bob!"), I think that we need to be more proactive in the definition of our pursuit instead of letting the pursuit define itself.

Last week I was writing about how love should be work, too. It's a great fallacy to believe that a stated interest in someone should mean that they instantly "get you." That sort of expectation leads to a lot of frustration when, over and over, that person doesn't seem to get you at all. And, we all know what happens next, I don't need to go down that path. I do, however, appreciate what happens because it makes it obvious that someone is either of the same mindset as I... or not. If both parties agree that things are going to be taken out of context, you can do well to avoid the knee-jerk condescending behavior that often follows a simple misunderstanding. Or, have a much easier job of finding forgiveness instead of a fight.

My Argentine friends like to part with the word "suerte," which translates to "lucky." I like that.

With so many bad decisions being made about love, we need more luck there, so I think parting with "Good love" is a great place to start.

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