Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Touch and No-go?

Girl Scouts Thin MintsImage by eszter via Flickr

What 2 things, once they've touched, can never return to their normal state?
This is a question that I've been pondering for nearly a month, but I haven't yet come up with an answer that feels right. I did ask my friends what they thought, and their answers are sure good for some laughs:
  • Caterpillar & Cocoon (broroth)
  • Egg & Sperm (erkinerbyn)
  • Flour & Water
  • Seed & Soil
  • Thin Mint Cookies (fricosuave)
I like these because they involve this process of conception... over time, an evolution... or something that dissolves... there is a chemical or biological aspect to this, perhaps.

What say you?
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