Friday, October 08, 2010

Love's Massacre Lies Red

Broken heart-stones in repose
Safely witnessed from afar
Lest one favors history
The agile ghosts of memories past
 Marais des Cygne Massacre SiteImage by kansasexplorer 3128 ~ Gone to Italy! Ciao! via Flickr
It is down there
I left my heart
A place I cannot tread
That it now calls home

Even from this distance
I can see the beat of life
That coaxes the prairie grass
To wave its spindly arms

“Lie down with us,” they beg
Mattress of the hive mind
Siren’s invitation to darkness
Earthly desires of wont

Mountains are buried here
Where excavation is forbidden
This time is my watch
To guard against thieves

A shared burden with
Those of broken hearts
Where love’s massacre lies red
Experience nature’s rehabilitation
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