Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thoughts A-swirl...

There are many things that are orbiting my life right now--most of them believably wonderful. Of course, with wonderment often comes risk, but I'm rarely risk averse (however, I do often hear my Mom's voice in my head).

Wax seal on an envelopeImage via WikipediaTake today, for instance, I received a very sweet letter from a love that I had 20 years ago. She sent words across many miles to apologize for being unable to attend my birthday bash in a few weeks. Prior to her letter, I'd copied a snippet from my novel that was built from my experience with her, and that chapter opened up a big smile and a few questions that we gladly answered about how life has kinda makes us grow up. Though, I must openly publicize, she had to grow up more by doing that whole marriage and kids thing.

I've spent the better portion of the day in my most-frequent haunt on the Plaza, a place that I miss dearly, but won't be away from for too much longer. You know, things change. This place hasn't been the same since I shared a cookie while staring into the eyes of another, different long-time friend about a year ago. This coffeehouse still retains that memory even though the chairs have been moved around; I can still see that moment when I walk in here: no need to say much, feet from crossed legs finding nooks behind the calf of the other as our bodies relax in over-sized leather chairs, but our hearts shout non-verbal commandments of love that are obvious to all. And then there's that "she could walk in here any minute" thing since my love of this place also became her love of this place. Should that ever occur--knowing us it will--we'll just ride that wave when it rises. In a nutshell, I'm basically saying that this place has changed, too. It may be better. It may be worse. The jury is still out.

Things have a tendency to happen in threes for me. One. Two. Will report back in 3, 2, ...
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