Saturday, January 22, 2011

10/64: American Psycho

Cover of Cover of American Psycho10/64: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, 3/5 Stars
Entertained Me: Low, Made Me Think: High
Ellis and I have such a love-hate relationship. Love: his ability to say what the rest of us shy away from saying. In writing conversations, he is a master. Hate: the superfluous drone when he takes a tangent, even though he does so with purpose and with frequency. There were times when I simply had to put this book down. And, there were times when I threw a fist in the air and said, "BRILLIANT!" That's the relationship I have with Ellis... and, isn't that the relationship that we have with life, too? Yes, it is. The emotional (limbic) brain loves and hates, minute-by-minute. The cortex, which remembers the rules, spends the day controlling the limbic. And, this is exactly what irks me about Ellis--he writes with no cortex. There is no beginning, no end, simply a slice out of the life of a character who also has a submissive cortex. So, at the end of every book, I say, "What the fuck was that?" but I'm always eager to pick up the next.

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