Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Cupid...

I don't think it's a tradition--maybe I should make it one: this time of year, it's a great time to tell the world what I want for Valentine's Day:Cupid  Awake ~ Antique LithographImage by chicks57 via Flickr
  • Female
  • Single (you have no idea...)
  • Intelligent, introspective woman that puts thought into her conversation.
  • Been around the block a few times--wisdom from experience yields street smarts.
  • Motivated, goal-oriented, self-driven.
  • Likes to hold hands.
  • Appreciates chivalry.
  • Has a slightly wild side.
  • Active, athletic, understands the importance of working and playing hard.
  • A woman who can just throw on a hat and head out the door.
  • Artistic, cultured, and believes community is important.
  • Creativity in task, problem-solving, and spontaneity.
  • Keeps her nose in a book more often than a mirror.
  • Understands the tension and balance of silly and serious.
  • Can join in with a card-playing, drinking, joking, playfully gambling, sports-watching family... like mine.
  • See above--and enjoys spending time with her own crazy family.
  • Frequently uses her smile.
  • When she smiles, it warms my heart. Every. Single. Damn. Time.
I'll go to bed early on Monday night, Cupid, so you have plenty of time to deliver! And, no receipt for this lovely lady being on back order; you've used that one TOO MANY TIMES!
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