Friday, March 11, 2011

Hollows & Heights

I fell asleep last night thinking that tremendous loss opens our eyes to truest love, and I feel fortunate enough to have remembered that thought this morning so I could write this poem around it--usually I make myself get back up to write it down in an email or on my notebook. When I woke, it was still there... strong as ever!

This life
Of wandering the day and staring into the night
Still surprisingly spins on a dime
Though we're smart enough to know
Every emotion will come and go
On this road to a full heart

With each step, turn, or flight
Tapping a reserve of great might--
To lean or be leaned upon--
Staggering in the last round
Or greatly winning the fight...
We accept, that no one retires undefeated
And defeat will not force retirement

The hollows of such loss
The heights of such love
Unbeknownst until a heart cries
Hard enough to open eyes
To see the potholes and parades
In a homecoming to the true you

Matching crowns of hope, please
Ordered when a man reminded me,
"She's in your dreams," you see
But through decades of waiting
Not built, made, or delivered because...
A watched doorbell never dings

Still, I wake each day with hope
A truck will slide to a stop
An old-fashioned bicycle bell
Will announce a new smile
And there, one hand on hip,
She stands like it’s where
She's always been waiting
To arrive with a tiny package
That reveals life's greatest gift:
The faith, respect, and passion
To love one another
Despite the state of the road

If to be, then let friends say
"Meant" when they discuss
Our silly and serious foray
'Cause we’ve never known
Nor can we predict
What lies around the bend...
Whether family, foe, or friend

Stare, wait, or wander trial
A thank you good-bye or mirrored smile
With experience in life
I know this holds true:
What I want to do
I choose with you
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