Thursday, April 07, 2011

Teeth of a Ravenous Dawn

Dawn over Bristol, viewed from Henleaze (best ...Image via Wikipediaturmoil not to be placed
but raging from shadows.
a paralytic silence
of slow emotion.

night bears the hunger;
teeth of a ravenous dawn.
souls feed on themselves
with the virus of want.

here nor there
hardly aware
a knock on the door
dead on the floor

through the opening gap
light can only muster
the reflection of one side
of the silver lining

i sacrifice myself for you
and i am no longer me;
locked in the closet
of what i meant to be.

but there are others near
forever at my feet
though not always intended
i choose this fate

feed their mouth and minds
that which shapes their lives
to be like our own...
bound by society’s failures

because what is love?
when staying together
for their good
none see the great

fuck the rules
cut that which dictates
an education of mediocrity
where all are left behind

fly in the face
unstuck from the trap
breathe in fresh air
today starts your race.
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