Monday, August 18, 2008

CHIEFS: Moffitt, Frankie, Construction & Karma

I have bad traffic karma. I always pick the slowest lane on the road, in the grocery store, at the machine that adds money to your DC Metro card, construction... you name it, I will hit the slowest lane or the closed ramp.

Fortunately, I have good parking karma. So, although it takes me longer to get through, when I get there I find a rad spot or get processed quickly.

For example, my bro-in-law and I were talking on the way to the Chiefs game on Saturday night and went through "The Triangle" (you only know the Tri if you are a K-Citian) the wrong way, so I started to tell him about my bad traffic karma. When we got to the game, I was fishing for the $22 that it takes to park (ridiculous, btw) and an SUV pulls up next to us and asks if we want their free parking pass. We make it through the Tri the right way, we get to the game too early to get the free pass.

Booyaa. Karmic. The world is balanced once more.

My friends and their tailgate have been taking care of things in the parking lot before and after games for about as long as anyone can remember. They feed all the security guards for nuthin' and the security guards always make sure that they get a spot on the grass for their boat-trailer-converted-to-a-double-wide-BBQ-grill.

This week, 101 THE FOX's Moffitt & Frankie stopped in to chat it up with my good friends, Kim & Larry. Frankie was feelin' no pain and Moffitt (not pictured) was tearin' up the grub on the BBQ grill.

If you're a Chiefs fan, then you realize that the tailgate was much more fun than the game last week. One final picture of the concourse construction at the stadium.

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