Sunday, August 03, 2008

Comcast Replies to DirecTV Issue in About 47 Seconds

I'm using a Twitter search RSS feed to reply to everyone that uses "directv" in a tweet. I want to make sure that anyone who is on the fence about DirecTV leans away from it after what they have done to me this week.


@comcastcares picked up on my frustration and replied to me about 47 seconds after I starting finding others that agree with me. Their response via Twitter:

"Send an email to my team and let us set you up!"

Go Comcast, I will keep you in mind.

The story continues...


Robert Zamees said...

Dropped @comcastcares a thank you for sending me a tweet and they responded again, "Always happy to help!"

I now have a stronger mission. To hit all the technology blogs about how Twitter can be used for corporate gain.

Good job Comcast.

Robert Zamees said...

Just dropped an email to Chris Lester, columnist at the KC Star about how Comcast and DirecTV have condusted themselves online.