Sunday, August 03, 2008

DirecTV's Faulty Policy Logic

(Please feel free to read Part 1 of this saga)

Dear DirecTV,

In the words of your specialist, your reasoning for removing the MLB package because it is "obvious that I wasn't using it since I was under suspension for so long" is contradictory to the reason that you can't "prove that I wasn't using your service" for the period between 7/1-7/7.

Absolutely ludicrous. Do you see the breakdown in logic? Obviously, proof has nothing to do with logic. Proof is based upon what the specialist thinks has been happening.

Let's see... I suspended my service and then changed my postal address to another part of the country. When I did so, I informed you that I was moving across the country and wasn't sure when I'd be able to schedule another installation.

You are telling me that you aren't sure whether I used your service (in fact, your actions dictate that you're adamant that I WAS using your service and that is why you are charging me) for 7 days in July and then called you to suspend it again. But, you are sure I WASN'T using the MLB package and you're cool with removing that charge. How do you figure?

I'll only briefly mention that when I called on 7/7 I was informed by your agent that I would not be billed for those 7 days. I even sat there on the phone with her while she tried and failed to remove the billing several times. I conceded to her word when she told me that she would get back to her manager and figure out how to "trick" the system and remove the charges. According to your specialist, however, because she didn't document her word, I am the one that has to pay up.

Why should I be loyal to you when you can't live up to your own word?

I'll be off to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC now. Thanks. I'll also continue my tirade on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and all of the other places that I know allow me to use my word of mouth power to discredit your organization. It's already working in my own family as I've dissuaded my sister to avoid converting from their 3 receiver, HD/DVR setup that's currently on Time Warner.

All of this over $30? Your losses are adding up.


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Robert Zamees said...

Using Twitter search RSS feed to reply to everyone that uses "directv" in a tweet. I want to make sure that anyone who is on the fence about DirecTV leans away from it after what they have done to me this week.