Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rappin' with a Local Reporter

Just got off the phone with one of Kansas City's finest newshounds. I won't yet reveal the name of said journalist, but let it be known that I very much enjoyed the conversation! We spoke of life, career and the chase for love.

More specifically, we conversed about dating in the mid-west compared to other places in the country. We spoke about how online dating here seems to be mostly filled with people that are new in town. We spoke about how Craigslist is a crap shoot. We agreed that the traditional network is still the way that most people meet, i.e. friends of friends, but that you can exhaust that network quickly. Without new ways to increase that network, you find that it becomes stale.

Yet, that is where the new social networking tools help you to see who is in your extended network. If you are single and on Facebook, then you've probably looked at your friends' photos and wondered, "Who's that girl?"

Ya just never know. We also spoke about this "TailDating" thing and how the experiment is going. Ms. Journalist and I will look to converse again on Friday.

Stay tuned!

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