Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remedy Needed: Puke in Hair

Seems like there are several Moms reading my blog now... of course, they all email me instead of posting comments. It's OK to post, Moms!

I need your help this morning. I'm the ranking (and only) adult on site this morning since my sis is out of town on business and my bro-in-law has already left for work.

I can hear you asking, "You live with your sister?" Yeah, call McKenzie House in Denver, my developer, and tell them to FINISH BUILDING MY DANG CONDO! On that note, we're about two weeks away from closing (I hope).

Drum roll...

How do you get puke chunks out of my 4 year old niece's hair?


Charity Sherwood said...

Oh god. Thant had me laughing out loud and it's before 9am in the morning. Unfortunately, I'm not a mom with any tangible experience. But I'd love to hear the background story of how the chunks got there... How chunky are they anyway? how long is the hair?!!!

I'd recommend making a game of the bath, vast episodes of baby shampoo (with conditioner), and have her pretend to be a head massesus and keep washing and washing (with conditioner) until you can get a pick through it and scrape out all the chunks into the water. Making repetitive soapy mohawks may help along the way.

Then lots of rinsing. Maybe play a new game of "sit under a waterfall and describe what you see with your eyes shut..." You might get some killer 4 year old imaginative stories, while you pour 5 gallons of water glass by glass over the child's head.

Good luck with that my friend! Sounds like you are having quite the interesting morn.


Robert Zamees said...

Yeah, I was just twittering about what my tag cloud would look like this morning if I had one... PUKE would definitely be in bold and all caps. Fortunately, as I was trying to get her into the shower, my mom (aka, nanny) arrived to save the day.

But I really like your ideas! Creativity is so important in those situations, isn't it?!?!

BTW, it was like a warm, brown fruit smoothie that was using her long hair to congeal in chunks. That should make ya hungry for some breakfast, eh?