Friday, September 12, 2008

Saw the interview on FOX4 News tonight?

If you've arrived at my blog because you've seen the interview with me on FOX4 Kansas City news this evening, then feel free to contact me at
this email address, or simply leave a comment on my blog. If you want to be my TailDate at the Chiefs game this weekend, then be sure to tell me all about who you are and attach photos. ;) Thank you!

Why BigBadBobby? I'm not big, nor bad. When I was a kid, my neighbor was a dentist and HAMM radio hobbyist. He gave me the handle and then etched it on the back of my toothbrushes each time I came for a check up.

As an aside, I totally enjoyed meeting Tess and Colton the Cameraman (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, Colton). We had a blast doing to interview!

Big props to Scooter's Coffee Shop and O'Dowds, both on The Plaza, for hosting our endeavors this afternoon.

There are tornado sirens going off everywhere, so stay safe KC!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck.

My husband and I met at a tailgate in 2001. Married in 2003. It was the first NFL game after 9-11 and we were playing the Giants. We are season ticket holders and share the love of the Chiefs and the Missouri Tigers.

I hope you met someone great!

Robert Zamees said...

MU today! CHIEFS tomorrow! Thank you for the well-wishing... see ya at the game!

Unknown said...

Too bad FOX 4 didn't post the video for folks outside the viewing area....good luck bbb!

Unknown said...

Correction: it is posted -

Robert Zamees said...

This link will get you to the video clip.