Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The BAM in Obama

I'm sorry to have to write this, but channeling your revolutionary tendencies circa late 1700's for the coming election is really childish don't ya think?

KMBC News reports:
Police are investigating after two bricks were thrown through the windows at Barack Obama's Kansas City campaign headquarters early Tuesday morning. Investigators said they found two bricks with messages on them. One brick had "False Hope" written on it and second had "Means Social War" written on it.
Is our country in such political upheaval that you have to resort to violence? The answer is no, you idiots.

Me thinks I'd attach a note to each brick and throw them back out of the window. On the back of "False Hope" I'd write "For falsetto, drop on balls." And on "Means Social War" I'd write "Pen Trumps Sword." While they stood there scratching their heads trying to figure out what I'd written I'd have my uncle wrap them up completely in duct tape from head to toe and wait for the authorities to arrive (he once did this to a purse snatcher... totally awesome).

Even cavemen have already evolved. Don't you idiots watch TV?

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