Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's MY PIE!

Where's my pie?

I've been waiting for 50 minutes and the delivery time when I ordered was 25 minutes. So, I called 'em when I saw the Pizza Hut driver go buzzing past my new place.

The manager didn't know what was going on.

So, I waited another 20 minutes (which is where we are now) and called the store back again. The damn driver tried to call me to figure out where I'm at (the new building is really dark, so no one thinks anybody lives here) and dialed the local area code instead of my cell area code.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm flipping starving!

When they get a disconnected number, then they cancel the order for the driver's protection. So, I asked the manager how to fix it and she's sending another pie... I'm a bit surprised that she isn't sending it for free after all the hassle. Of course, I might be passed out from hunger by the time it gets here.

This will definitely prompt my research into the local pizzerias in my new 'hood.

On the plus side, while standing on the sidewalk waiting I met a resident from the only other occupied unit here. He was quite nice and talkative... I take back what I said earlier about him avoiding me in the parking garage.

UPDATE -- 5hr 6min later, still no pie. F6CK YOU P1ZZA H6T!
UPDATE --141 hours later, still no pie. AND, no reply from Pizza Hut corporate about the email that I sent them.

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