Monday, November 03, 2008

Updates on Latest Customer Service Woes

  1. LOWE'S: Once I figured out that they thought I'd purchased a clearance fridge vs. the new fridge that I actually purchased (I got a good deal, what can I say... 30% off), then they realized that they needed to get me one that worked and wasn't disfigured. That sparkly new fridge was delivered today.*
  2. PIZZA HUT: 141 hours later, I've still not received my pizza pie. The email that I took the time to send to corporate headquarters must have fallen on deaf ears, for no reply has come this way. "Who cares, he's just a moolie in Kansas City!" Didn't the Hut get its start in MO?
  3. INTERNET: After 3 visits, the engineers (these guys were really thorough) determined that the line running to my unit was mis-labeled "201." That's way off.
  4. CONDO UTILITIES: I still don't have gas to the stove or the fireplace. I've been asking for them to come do this for nearly three weeks. In fact, I was on the phone with the developer this morning and he thought it had already been done... the super on the site said so. WRONG! Lying-ass ^%$^&%$.
* Speaking of the super... I called him last Friday to ask that my front door be removed from the hinges so that they could get this new fridge in here. He didn't call me back. I saw him jump into his truck and take off on Saturday... pretty sure that he saw me and split quickly. When the delivery guys showed up this morning (Monday), I called the super once again to ask that he send someone up to remove my door.

"I've given the keys to the management company and you'll have to contact them to arrange that. For liability reasons, I won't take that door off for you."

Liability? I'm the damn condo owner, idiot. I've got delivery guys standing here right now. You want me to sign a piece of paper, fine. Okay, I didn't say all that, but I was pissed largely because he screwed me by not calling me back last week.

So, I called the management company and they didn't have anyone near me. I asked them to call the super, but he still refused to do it. In fact, the jackass said that he didn't have anyone on the property to even do it!

So, I called the developer and got on their ass about how their contracted super was screwing me. There were two men here to remove my door 10 minutes later.

The super is a lying-ass %$#%^$#.


Unknown said...

Um triple B, you did say in your 10/30 blog that you "snatched a clearance refrigerator that was MINT in the store." Sorry for your customer service woes, but I'm just saying.....

Robert Zamees said...

Really? Whoops... I guess that's how incensed I was when I wrote that. Clearance Clarence.

Sarah J Clark said...

Ha. I just posted my own blog on customer service yesterday. I feel your pain.