Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Genius of Mixing Emotions

Saw Gran Torino last night and really enjoyed it... quite the entertaining flick.

I read a few reviews before I went to check it out, mostly because I had no idea what movies were playing at the theaters. One of them I read was quite scathing, it complained that the movie was written so badly that the viewer kept laughing during the tense scenes.

In my opinion, that was the point, it was written so well that the tense scenes gave you humor as a defense mechanism. It's Eastwood's character, who he is, because he's learning to feel as the movie progresses; he's learning to love what he formerly hated. If we were to get waylaid by each difficult moment, then we would have been spent by the time we got to the grand finale.

There were times when the crowd giggled so loudly that I missed the next line... it was great. We all need a good, hearty laugh and Gran Torino had plenty of them.

If I have one complaint, then it's the character of Thao and his scene where he reaches the apex of his anger... it felt like he left a lot on the table and didn't do a good job with it. It was superficial compared to what was supposedly inside of him.

I recommend checking it out! Dirty Harry made several appearances!

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