Friday, February 20, 2009

HELP: How Would YOU Clean a Carafe Decanter?

I asked this question on Twitter/Facebook earlier today (@zamees) and got quite the response!

How do u scrub the inside of a carafe-style decanter?

Here's the deal... friends, including @tessk, came over a few weeks ago for a chat about life, love, work... you know, general bitchfest kinda stuff. We polished off... four, yeah, I think four bottles of wine. I decanted the first one, but then forgot to rinse the decanter. Seeing how I was hung over pretty much the whole next day, the wine in the bottom of the decanter dried up and it's impossible to
get anything into the opening on that sucker.

I first tried soaking. That didn't work. So, I asked my Twitterati for help... these are the responses that I received:
  • Call Mom, she will know what to do.
  • Bleach.
  • Bottle brush.
  • In the coffee section of the store, they sell this stuff that you poor in and let it soak, I'm sure that would do the trick. Works on coffee pots like a dream.
  • Throw it away and buy a new one.
  • Pour in a little borax and then add some ice cubes. Then swish it around by spinning the decanter in your hand.
  • Add vinegar to the soak mix.
  • Try lemon juice and popcorn or rice for an abbrasive. put in some lemon juice, swirl to coat sides, put in a bit of rice or popping corn and shake shake shake. Let's just say that this is an effective way to clean "other" glass things that get sticky dirty "stuff" in them after prolonged use
Holy frijoles... from mechanical to chemical to one cat that's fully-supportive of the throw-away society.

What would you do?

Posted a picture of the solution!


Chris said...

ugh. throw it away. omg. glass = recycle. pls. or, even beter reuse, maybe as a flower vase, or take a shot at googling "drill a hole in glass" and make a humming bird feeder. find or make some sort of small diameter spout, and invert to to make a "automatic" potted plant waterer.

Anonymous said...

Try some CLR?

Or maybe a team of lion trainers, a bottle of carpet deoderizer and Tom Cruise' preachings of Scientology? Just a guess.

Robert Zamees said...

Now we're getting creative! BAM!

Anonymous said...

Can you "create" a bottle brush? Wrap a towel around the end of a wooden (or other long) spoon and kind of scrape it while it soaks in really hot water????

Robert Zamees said...

Ooooooo, yeah, yeah yeah... trying it now!

Robert Zamees said...

Just posted a picture of the solution!

Anonymous said...

Hard to that a wire hanger???

Robert Zamees said...

Yeah, sorry, a wire hanger wrapped in two paper towels and secured to the hanger via blue tape.

Anonymous said...

NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!! looks like a blue toothbrush on the end of a wire hanger. Nicely done!

Unknown said...

I tried some white vingegar. Poured some in and let it soak in the bottom for a while. It seems to be disolving the dried red ine.